Kx: ‘transforming our nation with the gospel through a movement
of missionary disciples’

….working at 4 levels…

1. Individual:

Reproduce a life worth imitating – Jesus’ character and competence

What is? Church members have become consumers instead of contributors. Leaders have become the experts who do it all, rather than the equippers who raise disciple-makers.

What if? What if every believer found spiritual parents and a spiritual family where they could grow as disciples?  What if we as leaders modelled and reproduced the life of a disciple-maker, growing increasingly into the character and competency of Jesus (1 Cor 11:1)?


2. Church:

Raise and release missionary disciples in gospel communities

What is? We have generally built attractional churches where we measure success by numbers attending and money collected.

What if? What if we built an effective discipleship culture incubated in mid-sized gospel communities (extended households as in Acts 2:42-47). Those communities could then gather together on a regular basis to celebrate all that God is doing.


3. City:

Reach a whole town or city – 1 in 1000

What is? Churches are often divided and competitive. There is little trust and rarely any shared mission.

What if? What if we acknowledge those who have the stature, maturity, and calling to lead across our towns and cities, resourcing the body of Christ?   What if we shared resources and coordinated prayer and mission?   What if we helped churches plant expressions of church, wherever there was no embedded witness with 1 expression for every 1000 people?   (Acts 5:28 – Jerusalem was filled with the teaching of Jesus)


4. Nation:

Reform the church and transform the nation through red-hot centres of mission

What is? In an increasingly secularised culture, faith is being marginalised, belittled, and confined to the personal domain.

What if? Each region of our nation was served by a collective of churches that were examples of multiplying communities of missionary disciples, and offered support and training to other churches in their region who wanted to do the same?  (as in Eastern Turkey in Acts 19:10)?

Could we see our nation transformed by the gospel through a movement of missionary disciples in our lifetime?

We believe we could!

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