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We are all about putting mission and discipleship back in the hands of ordinary people, and being churches that raise confident communities of missionary disciples. We believe we can see our neighbourhoods, towns and cities transformed by the gospel.

To achieve this, as well as our in-person training, we have developed a number of online training resources for your church to benefit from. We want to help you achieve the growth that comes from equipped and confident church members. Courses are available from 

For whole churches: Reimagine Church

A 4 module course that trains both leadership teams and small groups in building a culture of mission, discipleship, community, and leadership. Each module is 10 weeks long and puts simple reproducible tools in your hands from day one. The modules are delivered by video and written input, and interactive exercises with plenty of discussion and planning time incorporated. The senior leader also benefits from regular coaching.

For raising leaders: Launchpad Huddle

This 20 week curriculum is designed for churches that want to roll out coaching huddles for their lay missional leaders. It would therefore suit all missional community leaders, emerging leaders, and potential leaders. It will form a key part of the church’s leadership pipeline as well as training a cohort of people to be confident missionary disciples. The curriculum takes a potential leader from the basics of mission and discipleship, through becoming a disciple-maker, to leading a group of disciple-makers.

This curriculum could also be suitable for a senior leader with their core team if they were new to Kx DNA, vision and values, provided the senior leader was being huddled.

For small groups: Inside Out

An 8 week course that helps a regular small group transition to a missional one. As well as the normal functions around fellowship, prayer and bible study, the members of the group are enabled to find and develop a missional focus, encouraged to build sustainable rhythms of mission, and empowered to grow and multiply. A course book is required for each person (12 provided). The course is delivered by a mixture of video and written input with exercises. 

For groups of individuals: Brighter

A 4 week course for church members to grow in missional confidence. Through a mixture of video and hosted sessions, members will grow in 3 confidences – confidence to tell their faith story, to talk about Jesus, and to invite people to something. A host facilitator’s guide and course book are provided. Dozens of churches have used this simple but powerful tool to raise the levels of gospel confidence.

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