Learning Communities & Communities of Practice

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AIMAG0893 Kairos Connexion Learning Community is a series of 2 or 3 day immersion experiences that incorporates main stage teaching with tactical training, expert coaching, and a chance to experience proven vehicles for discipleship and mission.

At the conclusion of each immersion experience, you will leave with a detailed six-month plan to help you accomplish the things you believe God has called your church community to do.

Furthermore, the two-year process includes coaching huddles for senior leaders to help you put your plan into action.IMAG0883

The two year Learning Community journey entails a carefully orchestrated process which progresses from discipleship to mission.

This short video from 3DM explains our approach to learning and why we believe in immersion experiences. (N.B. The Kairos Connexion LCs range from 2 to 3 day immersions, not 3 to 4 days as stated in the video.)



dragons den may 16 3A Community of Practice is suitable for any church that has already taken part in a 2 year Learning Community process either with us or previously with 3DM Europe. A CoP takes place over four 2-3 day gatherings held 6 months apart. It will be assumed that participant churches are already familiar with, and putting into practice, content from a Learning Community.

There is input from Kx Leaders and others, as well as opportunity for church teams to share best practice with each other. We will be going back through the LC content over the two years, but with a focus on deepening our understanding of how to get breakthrough and build missional discipleship movements out of our local churches.



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