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‘The ways of Jesus in mission, discipleship and community life’… bringing your church into a place of fruitfulness, freedom, family identity, and full member engagement.

A unique opportunity to engage with inspiring training, personal life changing revelation, and a journey of discovery for your church as it seeks to discover ‘the ways of Jesus’. How did Jesus and the early church gather the crowds, raise ‘all of life’ disciples, build authentic communities of believers, and raise world-changing leaders?

These 24-48 hour experiences take a church’s leadership team through a series of inputs, exercises, breakouts, group coaching times, planning sessions, and accountability moments. Along side this the senior leader is coached through the whole process.

There are 4 gatherings over 18 months. Each one moves through an arc of progress, from

  • What is? – Facing the reality of what is actually going on in our church. Where are we getting breakthrough, and where are we struggling?
  • What could be? – In the light of scriptural truths and the teaching inputs, what could our church be like in our wildest dreams?
  • What will be? – How do we translate these dreams into realistic practical plans for the next 6 months and 2 years

The primary and recurrent themes of the gatherings will be

  • Raising missionary disciples
  • Growing and multiplying, pioneering and planting Missional Communities

The 4 gatherings cover the following topics and answer the following questions.

Missional culture – how do we help all our members to grow to live as confident missionary disciples where they live, study, work and play; those who are confident in their story and God’s story?

Discipleship culture – how do we train our members to live as disciples – those who become like Christ in his character and competencies, and those who hear what God is saying and obey it, as a way of life? And how do we help disciples become disciple-makers?

Missional culture – How do we nurture authentic communities of mission­ary disciples who not only genuinely love and serve one another, but also love and serve the neighbourhoods or groups of people they are called to reach?

Leadership culture – how do we establish a strong leader-raising culture where everyone is seen as a potential leader, where all discover their God-given gifts, and all become people of influence who invest in others?


This is not a journey for the faint-hearted, but for all who know ‘there must be more to church life than this’. It’s for all who want a church that looks more like ‘the church that Jesus died for and is coming back for’. It’s for those who want a contributor, not a consumer way of being and doing church. It’s for those who recognise the need for a fundamental change of culture, not just a tweaking of structure.


A learning community is not a conference or a programme, but a tailored process to help you and your church embark on a journey of discovery and transition, to become a church where mission and discipleship, through the vehicle of missional community become the driving force of the church, the engine of growth and health.


Some key outcomes will be

  • Understanding how to build a discipleship culture where disciples get to make more disciples
  • Learning simple, sticky and reproducible tools for mission and discipleship
  • Building communities of believers that are truly 3 dimensional (up, in and out)
  • Identifying how such a missional community is able to find and develop it’s missional focus
  • Discovering tools, practices and vehicles that help build a culture of multiplication
  • Understanding how gathered and scattered expressions of church work together and serve each other, so every area of church life grows.
  • Enabling church members to find their core gift and calling, so they can make their best contribution to the mission and ministry of their communities
  • Finding and equipping the pioneers who are called to plant new missional communities, and reach unreached areas of our towns and cities
  • Creating an effective leadership development process and pipeline
  • And much, much more!


Costs have been kept to a minimum, and will generally be in the region of £200 per church per gathering (depending on number of external speakers), and £20 per person per gathering (depending on local costs of venue, food, materials etc)

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dragons den may 16 3A Community of Practice is suitable for any church that has already taken part in a 2 year Learning Community process either with Kx . A CoP takes place over four 24 -48 hour gatherings held 6 months apart. It will be assumed that participant churches are already familiar with, and putting into practice, content from a Learning Community.

Our CoP’s include input from Kx Leaders and others, as well as opportunity for church teams to share best practice with each other. We will be going back through the LC content over the two years, but with a focus on deepening your understanding of how to get breakthrough and build missional discipleship movements out of your local churches.

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