’There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God’

…according to Psalm 46v4.

We launched our 3 streams of Kx 2.0 at the Coventry Community of practice earlier this month. I pray that our streams make God glad, and that they will contribute to the river of what the Spirit of God is doing in our nation.

1. Reimagining-Church (putting mission and discipleship integrated to shared-life communities front and centre of church life)

2. Micro-planting (New expressions of church being planted to reach unreached parts of our towns and cities)

3. City-reaching (flooding our towns and cities with missionary disciples and multiplying missional expression of church – 1 in 100)

I believe that these 3 streams, when working together and in collaboration with other churches in our city, could create an environment in which we, as far as is possible, complete the great commission in our towns and cities.

So that… ‘Everyone knows someone who’s life has been changed by Jesus and everyone knows of, and is in easy reach of a local group of believers where they can get practical help and go on a spiritual journey to faith in Christ’.

From Great Commission to Great Completion.. Imagine it! A church that has so taken seriously the great commission that we have become a bride ready for Jesus’ return. I for one would love that to be in my lifetime.

If not, that I may hand on a baton that is on the final leg of the race!