Ps 46:4 says ‘There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells.’ Many have used this scripture to imagine what the streams might represent, is it theological streams, denominational streams, geographical streams, etc? As we have talked about Kx having 3 streams, I thought I would use the metaphor to reflect on how our 3 streams might make the city of God glad.

1. Reimagining Church – helping existing churches to reimagine what they could be and do to be more like NT churches with mission and discipleship embedded in shared-life communities as the driving force.

2. Microplanting – Supporting more autonomous small churches in homes, filling the places and spaces that other churches aren’t reaching. Expressed in our Microchurch Network.

3. City Reaching – working with teams of network leaders from towns, cities, boroughs and regions who want to see gospel saturation and transformation of their geography. (See update below, and section on the 6 Marks of a Great Commission church)

Why might this make God’s heart, his people, his bride, his city glad?

Well to start with, let me say that both 1 and 2 feed into 3. The only way we are going to complete the Great Commission in our places is by both mobilising existing churches and planting new ones, new churches that fill the church-voids / spiritual black holes that exist in our towns and cities. Why would it make the heart of God rejoice – because completing the work he’s given us to do (Matt 24:14), will trigger Him walking the Bride down the aisle to meet the Bridegroom. What a day of celebration and rejoicing that will be!