Modular Training Taster Afternoon – Coventry

Reimagine Church – The ways of Jesus in mission and discipleship.

Are you grappling with busyness, struggling budgets and  high demand projects, but don’t feel they are being particularly effective in seeing lost people come to faith or in raising healthy and motivated disciples? Is the idea of growing communities of believers where discipleship is the air they breathe, mission the thing that gets them out of bed in the morning, and community the place where they find important extended family relationships a mere dream?

What if there was a way to equip your whole church to be effective in mission, discipleship, community and growing leaders?  We don’t have all the answers, but we’d love to share the principles and practices that we’ve learnt and that have blessed hundreds and hundreds of leaders across the UK.

Join us for a taster afternoon exploring our new whole church, easy access, quick win and low cost modular training starting in Coventry this autumn. Church leaders and their teams are welcome.

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Discipling the Generations: 12th November, Sheffield

Our annual Leaders Day this November is going to be focusing on the theme of ‘Discipling the Generations’. 

Monday 12th November, 9.30am-4pm at St Thomas’ Church Philadelphia, part of Network Church Sheffield

We are excited that we have Matt Summerfield (Urban Saints), John and Joanne O’Connor, (Junction 42), Rich Atkinson (Rebuild) and Lynn Alexander (Children Families and God) joining us to help us think through how we both disciple different generations of people, as well as how we disciple all-generations of people together as one church.

This event is open to anyone and we have space for plenty of people so come along with your colleagues, teams and friends!  Tickets are now available at and we hope to see you there.

Senior Leaders & Spouses Retreat

Escape the busyness of life, come and enjoy the beautiful wide open spaces of the Cotswolds, watch a glorious sunset, and take a stroll through the orchard. Our annual retreat for all Kx family church senior leaders and spouses will be held at the Windmill Farm Conference Centre in Clanfield, Oxfordshire. We have the privilege of welcoming Paul Maconochie, 3DM National Team Leader USA with us for this years retreat. Paul is a longstanding friend of Kx as of of the original founders of our network. Come and join the journey as we reflect on the last year, share stories and build friendships.

For booking and more information please contact

Kx Annual Community of Practice: Breakthrough in Pioneering new Gospel Communities

What is it?

A 2-day Community of Practice for experienced practitioners, church leaders and their teams with teaching, dialogue and reflections from the Kairos Connexion team.

At last year’s CoP we had excellent input from Alan Hirsch on mDNA and APEST /5fold ministry. As a movement we have been strong in the apostolic, are growing in the prophetic, but need to gain more understanding of how to raise and release the evangelists. The APE gifts are crucial to getting the breakthrough in planting, pioneering, and propagating gospel communities.

We hope to answer the following questions:

* How do we identify and release the evangelist?

* How do we help evangelists play their part in pioneering teams?

* How does the Apostolic, Prophetic and Evangelist work together?

* How do we move from maintenance to multiplication of gospel communities? How does social space help us to do this?

* How does pioneering and planting new expressions of church give life to the whole body?


Who is invited?

* Kairos Connexion Family Church teams

* Church leadership teams who have been part of a 3DM or Kx Learning Community/Community of Practice

* Experienced practitioners and their teams who are leading out of the values of missional discipleship within the UK

We recommend that you bring a team of between 3-6 people although there is no upper limit. As a family of churches we are passionate about investing in the next generation, all teams are encouraged to bring with them associate and younger leaders to this year’s Community of Practice.


What are the details for the event?

The CoP is being held at Network Church Sheffield at the Philadelphia Campus. We’ll start from 9:30am on Tuesday 12th February and finish by 4pm on Wednesday 13th February 2019. There will be an evening social event on Tuesday 12th February from 8pm.


How can I book in my team?

Visit this page to book onto the Community of Practice.