Story of God in Newcastle

Here’s a story from Robert Ward, Vicar at St Luke’s Newcastle on how they have started to engage with Caesar Kalinowski’s Story of God resource. 


Here at St Luke’s we are four weeks into the 10-week Story of God programme. We are totally thrilled with it and delighted that we took the plunge to completely stop what we have been doing on a Wednesday night for the last 4 years and gather as a family. We feed together on lovely food prepared by various people, and then receive each week a fresh couple of stories beautifully presented by a number of gifted story tellers.


st-lukes-story-of-godWe love the buzz and enthusiasm in the Q&As immediately following the story-telling, and then the lively discussions which follow those. For me it is simply wonderful to see my flock receiving, learning, accepting, questioning and being nourished together.


However we did not sleepwalk into this season of blessing. Like many of us, we were introduced to the Story of God in the Liverpool Launch (in April) and most of my team did not take to it at all. In fact if I’m honest, I wondered why on earth I was sitting listening to this strange American rattling through narratives I had known since childhood.


Then on our return to the second Launch LC in Sheffield last month, I discovered that most of my team were mysteriously coming round to the “Story of God” and I, only I, was holding out.  During one of the team leaders discussion groups, I felt a real anger rising up in my heart and was conscious of a fear and unsettlement, which I took to be at least in part, a criticism of my leadership. Then somebody spoke a very kind, loving word to me about St Luke’s and in an instant I was delivered from all my anger, insecurity and fear. At that moment I could see with a deep joy and excitement what the Spirit was inviting us to step into together as a company. Team members were gobsmacked when they saw my change and suggested that we started the Story of God at Easter. They were even more gobsmacked when I said ” no, we’ll start at once!”  Two weeks later we began this exciting journey together.


You can find out more about the Story of God here.

New Beginnings for Blacon Central

Here’s an update by Ed Green from HBC Chester on their new Missional Community.

“Last year in April 2015 my wife and I moved into a house next door to our friends because we wanted to do Missional Community/family on mission together.  We had already experimented with an MC called Blacon Central (we live in Blacon and the houses back onto an old train line) and wanted to really go for it.  At the same time our Church, HBC Chester, was launching MC’s.  In September 2015 we really went for it by starting a new church rhythm of 2 in 2 out.  So for 2 Sundays a month we met as Blacon Central.  Over this last year our MC has grown from 3 core families who lead it and a few on the edge to a group of about 7/8 families regularly engaged and belonging to our community with more on the edge.  We have baptised 3 people in the back garden and grown too big for our houses so we have just started meeting in a building with a hall.  A number of our MC have started coming to church on Sundays and we are loving it!


In amongst all of the good there have been moments where we have got it wrong and tried to do too much and not taken on the ‘light weight’ aspect which at times has caused stress (surprise surprise).  We have also, and this is more my fault, not always been as planned and organised as we could be.  This year has helped us a s core team to really be a family and not a team.  We haven’t spent enough time on us as a core (3 couples) but we are correcting that.

What we did do well was go slow and try to keep it secret!  This goes against my nature!  As a church we have tried to go slowly and as such in our MC we did the same.  We didn’t advertise or invite many people for ages!  We just invested in a few people/families.  Now we feel that we can grow it and invite a few more and what’s great is that the people we have invested in and discipled are doing the same with people close to them, their own people of peace.    We are looking forward to the year ahead.

Also it’s worth noting that some of the people in our MC, we have known and been building relationships for a number of years, so this isn’t just an overnight thing.  What’s great is that we now have space, time and a vehicle in which to disciple them.  However, others we haven’t known for long but they were definite people of peace so they came and loved it!”

Jon’s Story

Journey Commuities from Bicester sent us this brilliant video about a young man in one of their missional communities.  We just had to share it with you!

Do you have a story you could share? Get in touch and let us know!