Pioneering and Planting Part 2 – Going to the Next Level

Kx Annual Community of Practice

What is it?

We are so excited about this year’s community of practice. We will be taking a second bite of the cherry on ‘pioneering and planting’. Last year we opened the box, and this year we can dig a bit deeper, exploring more examples of and principles behind the dynamic of multiplying church.

As with every CoP and LC we will go through the usual arc of learning (what is, what could be, and what will be), starting with reviewing the plans from a year ago (for those who were there). We will have outside input to fuel our imagination on what could be, and as always finish with making our 12 month plans to guide us through the next year.

This year we are delighted to be hosted by Kx’s good friend John McGinley at Holy Trinity Church Leicester, in their newly refurbished building. We know this experience for you and your team will be crucial for taking your church to the next level.

Who is invited?

  • Kairos Connexion Family Church teams
  • Church leadership teams who have been part of a 3DM or Kx Learning Community/Community of Practice
  • Experienced practitioners and their teams who are leading out of the values of missional discipleship within the UK

We recommend that you bring a team of between 3 – 6 people although there is no upper limit.

As a family of churches we are passionate about investing in the next generation, all teams are encouraged to bring younger leaders with them to this years Community of Practice.

What are the timings for the event?

We’ll start from 9:30am on Tuesday 4th February and finish by 4.30pm on Wednesday 5th February 2020. There will be an evening social event on Tuesday 4th February from 8pm.  Please note that the ticket price includes your lunch and refreshments on both days.

Early bird tickets are available until 8th January 2020

Book your tickets here


Discipling the Generations: 12th November, Sheffield

Our annual Leaders Day this November is going to be focusing on the theme of ‘Discipling the Generations’. 

Monday 12th November, 9.30am-4pm at St Thomas’ Church Philadelphia, part of Network Church Sheffield

We are excited that we have Matt Summerfield (Urban Saints), John and Joanne O’Connor, (Junction 42), Rich Atkinson (Rebuild) and Lynn Alexander (Children Families and God) joining us to help us think through how we both disciple different generations of people, as well as how we disciple all-generations of people together as one church.

This event is open to anyone and we have space for plenty of people so come along with your colleagues, teams and friends!  Tickets are now available at and we hope to see you there.

Senior Leaders & Spouses Retreat

Escape the busyness of life, come and enjoy the beautiful wide open spaces of the Cotswolds, watch a glorious sunset, and take a stroll through the orchard. Our annual retreat for all Kx family church senior leaders and spouses will be held at the Windmill Farm Conference Centre in Clanfield, Oxfordshire. We have the privilege of welcoming Paul Maconochie, 3DM National Team Leader USA with us for this years retreat. Paul is a longstanding friend of Kx as of of the original founders of our network. Come and join the journey as we reflect on the last year, share stories and build friendships.

For booking and more information please contact

A warm welcome in Chester!

Part of our vision as Kx is to see 1 missional expression of church planted for every 1000 people in England and Wales.  That’s over 56,000 missional households, communities or churches in every neighbourhood across our villages, towns and cities.  Now, we’re not going to be able to do this on our own – God is doing exciting things across our nation with lots of different churches, networks and organisations.  But we want to plant our flag in the ground to say this is one of the key things we are focusing on over the next few years and hope you will join us in praying for and seek to plant #1in1000 in your area.

Here is a #1in1000 story from one of HBC Chester’s Missional Communities, called “Welcome” Missional Community.

As part of our missional community, we have operated a group called ‘International Forum, Chester’ for about a year. This group aims to welcome and engage with internationals in the Chester area. The IF group meets monthly in a neutral hired venue and has a talk for 20-30 minutes on a topic of international interest. Our numbers of attendees vary between a handful and 20. We have several Muslims from different countries who really enjoy the group and have become good friends.

In the summer we put on an additional event in conjunction with our broader Missional Community and wider people of peace. We had a BBQ in the local park and played ‘croccer’, a camp game based on cricket using a football. Our Muslim friends loved this event, and one of our Ugandan friends went to town bringing his BBQ and lots of food to share. Meanwhile friendships deepened and conversations went to a new level. 

Our friends are asking questions about Christian faith and we have been able to share discussions in a natural and respectful way.’