Websites, Blogs & Articles

Below are links to a number of websites and blogs with whom we either have good relationship, or we have found helpful in furthering our thinking and practice with regards to discipleship and mission.

3dm europe blog header 3DM Europe – resourcing and training for discipleship & mission across Europe

ck header Caesar Kalinowski – videos and blogs on living a missional lifestyle.

GCM header GCM Collective which exists to promote, create and equip Gospel Communities on Mission.




T4T who train believers who can train others in a very simple yet effective method of evangelism and discipleship.

3dm global web header3DM Global – US 3DM team blog

headermc blog header 4
Missional Communities Library

verge network headerVerge Network – An advocate and champion for movements of gospel-centered Missional Communities.

Craig Millward Blog  – Rediscovering Jesus’ invitation to discipleship & mission. Craig is a member of the Kairos Connexion team.


If you’d like to read some ‘starter’ articles which we have compiled on a number of foundational discipleship topics then click below (pdf download).


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