(multiply) x

Empowering missional leaders to multiply missional expressions of church

(multiply)x is not a church planting course! It is a lightweight, year-long immersive coaching experience, to equip lay leaders to establish new missional expressions of church. It has been designed to support Kx Churches in their desire to multiply, filling more of their place with the gospel.

Who is it for?

Churches who want to pioneer something new and mobilise predominantly lay leaders. It is designed to be lightweight for those in employment/education, and works alongside participants working with their team to establish a new community of believers.

What does it look like?

  • Monthly online coaching huddles facilitated by experienced practitioners
  • Termly immersive experiences for participants and their team to spend a few days with a newly established expression of community
  • Information and curriculum that is relevant, contextualised and responsive.

For more information contact John Harding

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