What’s on the Kairos Connexion bookshelf? These are a number of books which we would recommend to anyone looking to explore developing a culture of discipleship & mission in their churches. All have transferable principles which can be applied in any context.

Bride by Dr Nic Harding

BRIDE: The Church Jesus died for and is coming back for

This book is for men and women who find themselves saying ‘There must be more to church life than this’. For leaders and members who have got used to a way of being and doing church that no longer arouses wonder, awakens desire, or imparts hope. Frankly, they are bored with church. If you have ever wondered what the church could be like in the light of Jesus return, what authentic Christian community mobilised into a mission that transforms people and places might look like, this book will inspire you to live differently and be part of such a church

Reimagine Church: Clarify the Win. Escape Busyness. Fulfill Your True Purpose.

“The totally doable nuts and bolts essentials of reproducing leaders, disciples and community.

The Church has been run in much the same way for decades. We’ve run programs, services, built buildings and run conferences. But have we ever clarified the win? What would it look like if we really achieved the thing that is most on the heart of God? “

Living on the Frontline (2nd Ed.): a beginner’s guide to spiritual warfare by Nic Harding

“This beginner’s guide to spiritual warfare is essential for any Christian who wants to work together with Jesus and his church to overcome the schemes of the enemy. “

Manifesto by Nic Harding

“Nic calls believers to return to a vibrant brand of Christianity in which the words ‘church’ and ‘mission’, and ‘worship’ and ‘witness’ are inseparable realities.”

Bigger Gospel by Caesar Kalinowsli

A practical guide to growing in gospel fluency.

Have you wished you could share your Christian faith with others in a natural way without feeling awkward or preachy?
Have you ever longed for a faith that touched down more than just a Sunday-to-Sunday leading up to one long afterlife

Then you need a Bigger Gospel.”

Empowering Missional Disciples by Bob Rognlien

“Empowering Missional Disciples is an introduction to a way of life, characterised by biblical empowerment, multiplying disciples who make disciples, and building extended families on mission.”

A Jesus Shaped Life by Bob Rognlien

“This book is like its counterpart  Empowering Missional Disciples introduces readers to a new whole way of life as missionary disciples. Aimed at church members this book will help you to build solid foundations, patterning your life on the way that Jesus lived.” 


There are many other good books available from the following websites:

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Missio Publishing – books, primers and playbooks by Caesar Kalinowski, Hugh Halter and Matt Smay.  

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