Reimagine Church – modules 1-4

What is Reimagine Church?
A new way of shaping your church around God’s priorities of mission and discipleship. This training which has been pioneered over the last 15 years by 3DM and is being used by hundreds of churches around the world, is now being made available in a new modular online format.

The training that reflects ‘the ways of Jesus’ has been developed by the England & Wales 3DM network Kairos Connexion, and has new innovative tools to help leaders and small groups implement change. We describe the training as ‘easy access, low cost, quick win and whole church’.

What are the benefits?
The training will help your leaders and church members to be active in mission, engaged in discipleship, and part of communities of believers that are healthy, growing, and multiplying. The training will be enjoyable, and easily applicable. No previous training with 3DM or Kx is necessary.

“Our leadership team benefited so much from the Kx training. We took the time to explore the big issues that were holding back our growth. We took away some great tools to help us in our mission and discipleship agendas.”

Because the training is not just for leaders, but also for the small groups in the church, it penetrates all layers of church life, enabling the whole church to enjoy the journey together.

How does it run?
Reimagine Church has 4 modules which each take one academic term to complete. All the content is delivered online including six sermon outlines for each module. Combined with optional online coaching sessions for the senior leader, this gives easy access to the transformative practices and quick wins from the tools that are used.

Over the 4 modules you will begin to see growth in
Missional culture
Discipleship culture
Community culture
Leadership culture

Each module will begin with a 3-hour interactive session for the wider leadership team, followed by 3 weeks of input to that team on a particular theme of the module. Each input will consist of a short video, content delivered online, and an assessment to work through while together. This should take no more than 90 minutes.

Following this there are 6 weeks of input to small groups (90 mins of video, online content and practical exercises) helping them to embed some of the principles and practices that the wider leadership team have been engaging with at a deeper level. The terms are ideally done consecutively to maintain momentum, but there may be times when they are done at a slower pace with breaks between the modules.

Reimagine Church: Module 1, Missional Culture

Discovering why mission is important to God and exploring our identities as a missionary and ambassador for Jesus

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Reimagine Church: Module 2, Discipleship Culture

Exploring Discipleship Culture and learning some great tools that you can share with your small groups.

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Reimagine Church: Module 3, Community Culture

Exploring how to build a Community Culture in church and learning some great tools and skills to share with your small groups

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Reimagine Church: Module 4, Leadership Culture

Exploring Leadership Culture and learning some great tools that you can share with your small groups

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