I remember when I handed on the senior leadership of Frontline Church 9 years ago, 24 years after planting the church in our front room, and a year after taking on what became Kx. I remember the sense of anticipation, anxiety, excitement, and the fear of the unknown and the uncertain. All feelings that I’m aware of in handing on the Director role of Kx to Jeff Lothamer this July.

I couldn’t be more confident of Jeff taking on the Director role. Jeff is very different from me (Praise God I hear some saying!), and as such I know will bring a different and much needed flavour to the future of Kx. It will look and feel different from the fledgling network that I took on from Paul Maconochie 9 years ago, but still based on those same fundamental convictions about Mission and Discipleship embedded in Shared-Life Communities.

The 3 streams that have emerged in the last 2 years are…

  • Reimagining Church
  • Microplanting
  • City Reaching

They will all have their own flavour and emphasis. And they will work together to help fulfil our original vision statement from 9 years ago: ‘Seeing our nation transformed by the gospel through a movement of missionary disciples’

I will continue to oversee and develop the City Reaching stream, and will look forward to working with Jeff and Christie to help ensure that it works in tandem with the other two streams.

Nic and Jeff met in Birmingham to discuss the future 25/4/24