We work closely with a number of other ministries with whom we share similar DNA to release and empower the church in discipleship and mission.  We commend them to you as our partners in the gospel.


The Order of Mission (TOM) provides the underpinning relational network of Kx, based on the 3 values of simplicity, purity and accountability. Missional Leaders of any description are able to join this new Monastic Order, which provides prayer and support for those who are seeking to extend the borders of the kingdom.


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They exist to equip the church to disciple kids, youth, students & young adults.



Form is an intensive year-long discipleship internship for young adults, rooted in a culture of leadership and mission, and currently offered in a number of hubs around the country in the UK, as well as in Fort Wayne Indiana, USA.



Accessible Prophecy logo PNG_1370x572Accessible Prophecy  are all about helping to growing a prophetic culture in the local church and offer coaching, training and resources to anyone wanting to help ordinary people learn to hear God better.




Lynn Alexander

Author of ‘Children Families & God’ who coaches leaders in discipleship, mission and community with all ages.



Partner Networks

Kairos Connexion is one of a number of partner networks operating in 13 European nations. Each of these networks are working with national churches, locally on the ground to put discipleship and mission back into the hands of ordinary Christians. Each of these networks share similar values and practices using missional communities and other vehicles to help position a church for gospel breakthrough in its locality.

We stand together for the vision of seeing Europe transformed with the gospel through a movement of missionary disciples.

16nine header16Nine  We work with the European resourcing arm of the movement, a charity called 16Nine. The 16Nine team supports and equips the national partner networks to deliver on their agenda of mission and discipleship. They also pioneer new frontier nations where there is no national team.


There are also a number of other people and organisations whom we would highly recommend. They share much of the same DNA and heritage as us and we would love for you to connect with them as well.


ck headerCaesar Kalinowski We are pleased to be working closely with Caesar and benefitting from all he brings to the movement. You can connect with him at and for more resources and tools look at


stepping stonesStepping Stones [Missional Lifestyle Coaching, MBTI, Retreat & Discipleship Immersion]



John White [Equipping for Leadership through the Prophetic]



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