Light Up: 10 Days of Continuous Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come

From 6am on Thursday 21st May (Ascension Day) until 10am on Sunday 31st May (Pentecost Sunday), the Kairos Connexion Midlands Hub churches are linking up to see if we can cover each one of the 263 hours across these 10 days in continuous non-stop prayer!

How to take part:

Step 1: Sign-Up to Pray

You can sign-up to pray using our online signup page provided by the lovely people at 24/7 Prayer.

You could pray on on your own, with your family or even as a small group or Missional Community if you’re still meeting together online.

All you need is an email address to signup – if you want to, you can create a login with 24/7 Prayer, which makes booking additional slots even easier.

Step 2: Join the Facebook Group

If you’re on Facebook, you can join our ‘Light Up – Kairos Connexion Midlands’ Facebook group.

This where we’ll be posting regular updates, and encouraging everyone taking part to post messages, bible verses, prophetic words, creative prayers or general encouragements throughout the 10 days – a kind of ‘virtual prayer room’.

NEW Pray together!

Throughout the ten days of prayer, we’re taking it in turns to host some shared opportunities to join together for prayer & worship.

Thursday 21st May 7pm
Ascension Day Evening Prayer
Led by St Laurence’s Church on Facebook Live
Join the Light Up – Kairos Connexion Facebook Group to get a notification when live

Sunday 24th May 8pm-9pm
Meditative Prayer
Led by St Stephen’s Church on Zoom.
Zoom details in the Facebook group

Tuesday 26th May 9am-10am
Morning Prayer & Worship
Led by St John’s Westwood Church on Zoom.
Zoom details in the Facebook Group

Wednesday 27th May 3pm-4pm
Messy Church @ Home
Led by St Laurence’s Church on Zoom.
An hour of family prayer, crafts & worship exploring the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Suitable for primary school aged children & their parents.
Zoom details in the Facebook Group

All the links for these can be seen in the ‘Events‘ section of the Facebook Group. (You just need to request to join the group first.)

Daily Devotionals
St Michael’s Budbrooke are recording Daily Devotionals which you can access here

Light Up – Kairos Connexion Midlands
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'Light Up' is 10 days of prayer as part of Thy Kingdom Come 2020 for the Kairos Connexion Midlands Churches. For more information and to sign up to p…

Step 3: Get Praying

Now it’s time to start praying!

When it’s your hour to pray, you’ll get an email reminder one hour before your slot. All you need to do is find a space in your house or garden, or you could pray as part of your walk or daily exercise. It’s up to you!

The focus of our prayers during these ten days is to pray ‘Your Kingdom Come, on earth as it is in heaven’.

We’re encouraging everyone to pray for many more people to discover a living faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the gospel to heal, save & rescue.

Here’s a video of the Archbishop of Canterbury talking about his commitment to pray for people to come to know Jesus during Thy Kingdom Come in 2018.

When you’ve finished praying, why not post something on the Facebook group to encourage the next person praying after you?

What’s the big idea behind Light Up?

David Hammond, Vicar of St John’s Westwood & Kairos Connexion Midlands Hub Leader explains the idea behind Light Up: 10 Days of Prayer.

Resources to help us pray

Thy Kingdom Come

Family Adventure

Print at home map & download the App

Prayer Journal 2020

Artwork by Charlie Macksey

Kairos Connexion

KX Prayer Rhythm

Written by Caroline Hammond

Diocese of Coventry

Pray for 5

Pray for 5 people to know Jesus more

Praying Through Transition

A Spiritual Direction Exercise

24/7 Prayer

60 Minute Prayer

Spend an hour praying the Lord’s Prayer

Prayer Spaces at Home

Creative prayer ideas at home

A Prayer for Deliverance

Pete Greig & 24-7 Prayer

The Order of Mission

Guide to Personal Retreat

1, 3 & 6 day retreat guides

Digital Prayer Apps

TKC Prayer from Thy Kingdom Come

Lectio 365 from 24/7 Prayer

Who are the Kairos Connexion Midlands Hub Churches taking part in Light Up?

The churches taking part are:

St Laurence’s Foleshill, Coventry
St John’s Westwood, Coventry
St Stephen’s Canley, Coventry
St Michael’s Budbrooke, Warwick
St John’s Kenilworth
Heartbeat Church, Coventry

Here’s our 3 minute video introducing members from these six churches and a walk through guide of how to take part in Light Up

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