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Why and how would you become a Kx member church?

We would love for you to partner with us by belonging to the family, bringing your contribution to the movement, and benefiting from others who are further ahead on the journey.

This will be through leaders and churches who have decided that ‘more of the same is not going to get the job done’, and that a fundamental rethink of how we do church is required.

We have to find a way of putting mission and discipleship back in the hands of every church member, and discover the secrets of unstoppable multiplication. We must identify the ways of Jesus and the early church that led to the known world being evangelised in a few generations.

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Why should your church be a partner of Kairos Connexion?

The Kx family aims to be: 

– A network of senior leaders who can learn from and support each other on the journey

– A family of churches of all denominations (and none) who connect around shared vision and values 

– A place of innovation and shared learning, to get the breakthroughs we are all believing God for 

– A resource for coaching leaders, and training churches in mission and discipleship 

– A catalyst for town / city reaching and transformation (1 in 1000), for church plantingintern training (through FORM), and prophetic training (through Accessible Prophesy) 

– A decentralised network with local hubs taking the lead in their geographical areas 

To explore this further and talk to Nic Harding who leads Kairos Connexion, please make contact here.

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