Reimagine Church For Leaders: Week 1 – Missional Culture

Section 1: Introduction and welcome

Section 2: Why Mission?

Take 5 mins to individually reflect on the following questions:

  1. How is God getting your attention today?    

Take 25 mins in teams to discuss both your personal responses to the questions.

As a team are you more steam or solar powered? What are the implications in terms of building Missional culture?

Section 3: Our identity

Personal reflection 5 mins

In what challenges about developing missional culture are you likely to be held back by believing a lie about who God is, and who you are in light of that? 

Team Assignment 25 mins 

Ask for a couple of members of the group to share their reflections. Help them process the 4 questions (The Circle) and the 4G’s to help them get a fresh perspective on their situation, their new identity, and how they get to live in light of that. 


This week, actively look for opportunities to use the 4G’s and the 4 questions. Find someone you trust to help you process your reflections.