Inside Out Session 1: Vision and the 5Ps strategy

Welcome to session 1 of Inside Out!

This course includes a companion workbook which you will need for each session. Each session should take 90 minutes and will follow the same pattern:

Read: Before you meet each week, read the content for that session.

Review: Discuss what you’ve learnt so far.

Watch: As a group watch the video for your session from the teachable website

Do: Complete the practical exercises

We hope you enjoy the next few weeks!

Each person should have a copy of the Inside Out participants guide.

Read session 1 in your book.

In the following weeks you will need to read the relevant chapter before you meet to complete the course.

Review: How do you feel about your small group becoming the engine for life, health and growth of your church?

Discuss the vision for developing small groups using the 5Ps of a MMEC in groups of 2-3. What do you find exciting, and what do you find daunting?

Individually complete the exercise in your workbook (Fear to Faith Journey)

Pray in groups of 2-3 about making the journey from fear to faith.