Darren Johnson sent us these two great snapshots of what God is up to with Kings Church Warrington.

Woolston Missional Community: Someone who has been connecting with our Missional Community on and off for several years became a Christian at the start of this year.  Since this time he has shared many stories about the people he has been talking to.  He has prayed for physical healing for many people and has been receiving testimonies of people receiving full healing after prayer.  It has been encouraging for us to see his journey and the way that Jesus has been using him to impact other people.warrington
Ya@k : YA@K stands for ‘Young Adults At King’s’ and, unsurprisingly, it is a missional community that works with sixth form to thirty year olds at King’s Church Warrington. I would like to highlight the way that mid-sized groups and small groups are working to encourage discipleship in our context. We work within a six weekly rhythm, where we emphasise ‘up’, ‘in’ and ‘out’ at different points of the half-term. As leaders, we had been grappling with ways to see ‘up’ and ‘out’ grow. The sense of being an extended family is already strong. We expected it would be, because we work hard to ensure that the group feels very organic and relationship based.

We have been encouraging the young adults to be, ‘naturally supernatural’ by being open about their faith with their friends who don’t know Jesus yet, but also by thinking about how they bring worship and prayer into the natural rhythms of conversation at work, at the pub or wherever.  Having talked about this and prayed into this for the last number of months, we are now starting to see things develop. Since the start of September, we have seen eight new people joining the Missional Community and three more who have contacted us to ask if they can join in. The interesting thing is that five of these people are Christians already. The rest have made contact because members of YA@K have started to talk about their faith more openly and they have, consequently, sought us out on Facebook or via the church website. What is exciting, alongside this, is that we use huddles as a leadership tool, but also a discipleship tool within YA@K. Since the start of the new term, those huddles have gone to a new level of openness and support. We’ve had a significant upturn in the number of messages that are flying around the group, asking for prayer or giving prophetic words and Bible verses. It seems that, from a foundation of a strong element of ‘in’, the group have become more passionate about their ‘up’ and ‘out’ too. Exciting times!

The photo of Warrington town centre is by John Shipley – Own work, CC BY 4.0, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=49491138