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Inside Out

Inside Out is an eight-session video based course that comes with a FREE downloadable workbook to equip your small groups to become missional, turning them ‘inside out’. 

Most churches have some kind of small group structure. The groups are usually focussed on fellowship, bible study and prayer. All of these things are great, but could our small groups be more than that? We believe that, based on the New Testament ‘church in the house’, they have the potential to become a significant driver for growth and multiplication in church life. The first step is to turn them ‘inside out’.

Overview of course content for Kairos Connexion: Inside Out course



  • Wherever a small group starts on this journey, they should be able to identify those to whom God is calling them to ‘be, do and say good news’.


  • The groups will grow in missional confidence, with members able to reach out to family and friends, discovering who is open to the gospel.


  • They will discover 3 dimensional rhythms, of up, in and out, in the pattern of regular gatherings, building sustainable rhythms for the group.
  • The spiritual foundations needed to become missional will be growing


  • More people will be invited to your guest events (like Christmas and Easter services, or Alpha and Christianity Explored courses)


  • In time the group will grow with new believers being added, and it will have the potential to multiply, or give birth to other new groups


  • Your small groups can become an engine of growth for your church.
Nic Harding, Kairos Connexion Director, Liverpool

About your tutor: Nic Harding

In 2015 Nic handed on the leadership of Frontline Church, Liverpool, which he and his wife Jenny planted in Liverpool in 1991. It grew to be a church of about 1000 adults and children and has had a significant influence and impact in the city of Liverpool in the UK, and beyond.

Prior to that Nic had his own general medical practice in Bristol where along with his wife he pioneered a number of congregations over the 18 years of his involvement in the local church. He was bi-vocational in ministry and general practice for 12 years before giving up medicine in 1993.

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Since handing on Frontline Church, Nic has taken on the role of Director for both Kairos Connexion (Kx) and Together for the Harvest (TFH). Kx is a national network of leaders and churches (of which Frontline is a part) that are working together ‘to see the nation transformed by the gospel through a movement of missionary disciples’. Nic is involved in networking, coaching leaders, and training churches ( It is the expression of 3DM in England and Wales. TFH is a network of churches committed to reaching every man, woman and child in the Liverpool city region in a 10 year period. Needless to say both these responsibilities keep him pretty busy! Nic’s saving grace is being married to Jenny for over 43 years. They have 4 daughters and 8 grandchildren. Nic is a card-carrying introvert who loves a good book, exploring new places, starting and developing new things, and surprisingly – meeting new people.