“Change is never comfortable, even change for the better”, so said one of my past mentors. And we know how true this is. We know something needs to change but we have an inbuilt tendency to resist it even when we know it’s for good. And if we as more pioneering leaders feel that, how much more do those with more of a developer / settler mindset.

But change is inevitable. It’s either change or die! As someone said ‘the last words of a dying organisation are, ‘But we’ve always done it this way’.

And so we have a change of director – Jeff will make an excellent Kx director. We did our first event together last Saturday in Crewe with a couple of churches that have been through a learning community together. It was great fun and very useful for the 20+ people there. Jeff starts formally in the role on 2nd July and I step down 31st July.

How we do church is also changing. The introduction of Microchurch / House Church thinking to our existing models of missional community (gathered and scattered) will continue to shift the church landscape over the coming years. For some it will be a completely new planting experience, for others it will help them strengthen their scattered expressions of a legacy church.

Even on Sunday 21st April, Frontline church in Liverpool (the church Jenny and I planted 33 years ago) has also gone through a major change, with new leaders taking over from John Harding. Jack and Jenny Mariner who some of you will know from previous communities of practice are leading as of this week. They will lead together as a married couple and I’m confident will do an excellent job of taking the church into its next season of health and growth. What a privilege to have 3 generations of leaders grown from within.

This is Jack and Jenny’s commissioning from Sunday.

Change even comes in the form of unexpected blessings. So change is never to be feared, but it is to be navigated with great care and sensitivity, so that those who cope least well with change can be afforded space and time to catch up with what God is doing.

Please be praying for Jeff and Christie as Jeff takes on the new director role. As has been said, ‘We get the kind of leaders that we pray for’.