Coaching huddles

Coaching huddles are one of the most powerful tools for accelerating our growth as disciples and leaders.

Discipleship is about imitating Jesus; both becoming like Jesus and doing the things Jesus did. In a Kx Coaching Huddle you will invest in tools, practices and skills for imitating the life and ministry of Jesus.

These are tools which are simple, memorable and reproducible, allowing you to pass them on to generation after generation.

Coaching Huddles happen fortnightly or monthly, consist of a group of around 6 or 8 participants and happen over online video conferencing software or in person.

They are suitable for anyone involved in church leadership or anyone who wants to learn how to better disciple those around them. As leaders use these tools they begin to see the principles of missional discipleship transform their own lives, ministry and the lives of those they lead.

Our experience shows that when leaders engage with a life of missional discipleship for themselves, they can then begin to develop and grow disciples around them in their leadership context; this genuine experience of missional discipleship leads to disciples who make disciples, who make disciples.

Our 3 aims for Coaching Huddles:

1. That you will see personal transformation in your own discipleship
2. That you will experience the benefit of huddles as a tool for training leaders, better equipping you to lead huddles with your own leaders
3. That you will receive strategic coaching to help you implement missional and discipleship culture in your context.

We have a team of experienced coaches based in hub regions around the country; experienced disciple-makers, missional leaders and church leaders, proficient in our tools and vehicles, with proven results in their own ministry context.

Go and make disciples

Matt 28:19

If we make disciples, Jesus will build his church

what we provide

National Leaders Events

Opportunities to spend the day together in worship, prayer, teaching and reflection time, in order to encourage and support each other in the different churches and contexts God has placed us.

Consulting & Coaching Huddles

Consultancy is offered bespoke to each leader and local context. In a Kx Coaching Huddle you will invest in tools, practices and skills for imitating the life and ministry of Jesus.

Workshops & Learning Communities

A unique opportunity to engage with inspiring training, personal life changing revelation, and a journey of discovery for your church as it seeks to discover the ways of Jesus in mission, discipleship and shared-life communities.