What’s on the Kairos Connexion bookshelf?

 These are a number of books which we would recommend to anyone looking to explore developing a culture of discipleship & mission in their churches.

All have transferable principles which can be applied in any context.

Why aren’t we making disciples? The 1234 of discipleship

What is the problem?

We have had so many programmes, courses, books, study guides, preaches and groups for discipleship and yet, if we are honest, we know that we lack the effectiveness to make disciples who make disciples. If this is the measure of effective discipleship we need to think again. We are left scratching our heads wondering what it will take.

Nic says:

In this booklet I plan to help you find some clear bearings for navigating the confusing landscape of discipleship (and disciple-making). I intend to give you some simple ways of thinking about discipling others. I also hope that you will find some of the practices and tools in this booklet of great use to you as you embark on the challenging journey of making disciples.

Available on Amazon, or in bulk (with discount) from the Kx office

BRIDE: The Church Jesus died for and is coming back for

This book is for men and women who find themselves saying ‘There must be more to church life than this’.

For leaders and members who have got used to a way of being and doing church that no longer arouses wonder, awakens desire, or imparts hope.

Frankly, they are bored with church.

If you have ever wondered what the church could be like in the light of Jesus return, what authentic Christian community mobilised into a mission that transforms people and places might look like, this book will inspire you to live differently and be part of such a church.


6 Marks of a Great Commission Church

The premise of this booklet is that any church that wants to be healthy and grow needs to take seriously the challenge to be shaped by Jesus’ last words – The Great Commission. To go and make disciples.

The 6 Marks of a Great Commission Church are

  1. A praying foundation
  2. A missional framework
  3. A discipleship process
  4. A community culture
  5. A leadership pipeline
  6. A planting strategy

In this booklet Nic provides a church leadership team with an assessment tool to identify strengths and weaknesses, a description of each of the marks, an application to the workplace, and a culture formation section.

Available from Amazon in Kindle form, or in printed form from the Kx office

The Journey of Discipleship in a Nutshell

A compendium of over 30 discipleship tools in visual form.

Great for those involved in discipling others or leading small groups. The tools are simple, sticky and reproducible.

Available from the Kx office.

Reimagine Church: Clarify the Win. Escape Busyness. Fulfill Your True Purpose.

“The totally doable nuts and bolts essentials of reproducing leaders, disciples and community.”

The Church has been run in much the same way for decades. We’ve run programs, services, built buildings and run conferences. But have we ever clarified the win? What would it look like if we really achieved the thing that is most on the heart of God? “

Living on the Frontline: A beginner’s guide to spiritual warfare by Nic Harding

This second expanded edition of Living on the Frontline incorporates further teaching on prayer and the use of corporate weapons of warfare.

This beginner’s guide to spiritual warfare is essential for any Christian who wants to work together with Jesus and his church to ultimately deliver the deathblow to the enemy.

This updated edition of Living on the Frontline was developed in response to an unprecedented level of attacks on key leaders and churches, especially in the areas of false accusation, marriage pressures, illness and premature death.

It will help to equip individual Christians and churches to defend themselves more effectively and enforce the victory of the cross in their situations.

Living on the Frontline: Ben Askew interviews Nic Harding

The Bible: Why Believe It?

This booklet was written by Nic to help Christians have confidence in the book at the centre of our faith.

It’s especially useful for new Christians or those who need a refresher in why we believe the bible and build our lives on its teaching.

Readable in  60 minutes or less, it’s simple but compelling in its presentation of the uniqueness, authority and reliability of the Bible.

Manifesto: A Blueprint for Missional Church

In this book Nic Harding sets out his manifesto for a 21st Century missional church that will have a profound effect on its community.

He calls believers to return to a vibrant brand of Christianity in which the words ‘church’ and ‘mission’, and ‘worship’ and ‘witness’ are inseparable realities.’


“Nic Harding leads one of the most remarkable churches in the country. In this book he unfolds his vision, his wisdom and his heart. It is full of practical guidance on how to build a church that will have impact and influence in the community.” – Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton.

Go and make disciples

Matt 28:19

If we make disciples, Jesus will build his church

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