There are a number of different ways in which the Kairos Connexion family serves each other, gathers together and resources local churches for discipleship and mission. 


Leaders days – national gatherings of senior leaders for encouragement, sharing innovations, prayer and input.

Learning communities for churches that want to discover how to build a discipleship culture, multiply missional leaders and build missional / gospel communities that are capable of multiplication.

Leaders and spouses retreats.

Local hub churches in-house leaders days.

Individual senior leader consultations.

Coaching huddles (leader mentoring groups)

Prayer support and Kx family news shared through a private facebook group.

Workshops for local leaders in a town or city.

Communities of Practice – using the Learning Community model (what is, what could be, what will be), we hold each other to account for taking more ground in our local church situations.

Missional Community / Church planting training.

Resourcing churches and leaders, with access to materials and ideas.